Friday, 11 August 2017

EP. 3 A lot of works!

Episode 3 - A lot of works!


Finished Objects:

pattern by Myriam Forneris

This is a 2 years size.
I used Drops Baby Alpaca Silk for the main color in a really light dusty rose (col. 1306) and Drops Fabel in a variegated color in between purple, blue, ocre, off White (col. 904).
The pattern is already published on ravelry at this page.
It was so fast to knit and I really enjoy the process of creation!
It is versatile, you can use it both for girl or boy and you can decide if make the rounded bottom or not!
 This was the first version of it, it's a 12 month size and I used Drops Baby Alpaca Silk in Off White for the main color and Light Grey for the contrasting color.
  • Embroidered Baby Blanket
no pattern for now, maybe I will write some guide for doing a blanket or a free pattern on ravelry, stay tuned!
I'm soooo pleased whit this blanket! I have just a photo of the embroidery, for now, because a few inches down I embroidered her name but it is a secret for all my family and friends!!
When she borns I will put more photos and details!
I love this little doggy with flowers!!

Work in progress:

  • Baby Dress
pattern by Myriam Forneris (still in working, maybe the name will change)
For this dress I'm using Drops Merino Extra Fine in green.
This is 6 month size. Just one sleeve left than I can write the pattern and send it to the test knitters!
If you are interessed to test-knit this dress, please send me a mail at or contact me on ravelry where I am mycraftydream or via instagram @mycraftydream.
There will be sizes from 6 month to 10 years.
It is a really quick project because the yarn is worked with 4mm Needles.


Finished Projects:

  • Baby Shirt and trousers
I adapted a Burda Sectembre 2013 I had at home. The shirt is mod. 146 and the trousers are mod. 144. For the shirt was required cotton and for the trousers some light denim. I want to make the 68 cm size which is some like 6 month, and I need some fabric that keeps hot. I had some red fleece in my stash, so I thought was perfect!

I made some ballons applique in the front of the shirt!
Then I started sewing all pieces a required from the models instructions.
And... VOILA'!

I modified the closure of the shirt, and I put some pressure buttons!
(I'm not so good to follow directions...!)
However I am pretty satisfied for how they turn out!!!


Finished Projects:

  • Set school for toddler

I embroidered this set for my Godson Leonardo. This year he will stars the maternal school!
It was an unexpected quick project!
Well... it is all for this episode!!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

EP.2 Test-knitting my own pattern

EPISODE 2 - Test-knitting my own pattern!


Finished Objects:

  • Kids Pullover
pattern by Myriam Forneris (not published yet and the name may change...)

The pullover is knit top-down. It has a rounded back at the bottom which you can choose if make it or not.
Short rows technique is used for the rounded bottom.
I used Garnstudio Drops Baby Alpaca Silk in 1101 White and 8108 Light Grey colours. It is a fingering weight.
The pattern is written for 6m (12m, 18m, 2y, 4y, 6y, 8y,10y) and it is shown in 12m size.
Work in Progress
  • Kids Pullover Test-knit:
pattern by Myriam Forneris (not published yet)

For the test-knit I used Garnstudio Drops Baby Alpaca Silk in 1306 for the main colour and the Garnstudio Drops Fabel in 904 for the stripes.
This time I'm doing the 2 years size. I'm so happy because I think that is going to be beautiful!!!
  • The First Light
pattern by Veera Valimaki
I have no photos to see, but I haven't made many progress in here...
too many other projects are distracting me!!!
Just started the last striped section.

I hope to finish it for the next episode!
  • Embroydered Baby Blanket
pattern by Myriam Forneris (not published yet)
I have just knitted the blanket for now, using Garnstudio Drops Karisma Off White, knitting a seed stitch border and stockinette stitch.
Now I'll start the embroydered part! I choose some colours for make a doggy girl with my baby girl name at the bottom.


Finished Objects:

  • Baby Bibs
I made them using some fabric scraps!
I machine embroydered them with funny sentence and cute pictures!!
The closures are by metal pussoirs for made it easy to put on babies.




Hi everyones!
Nothing exciting happened this past week.
We went to the doctor which confirmed that our baby is a girl.
Finally I can personalize some accessorioes for her!! I did with my bibs, but I covered her name in the photos because it will be a surprise!!
Nothing more happened, just me trying to finish my many wips!!

Monday, 17 July 2017

Episode 1 - A new beginning, a new format, a new me!

EPISODE 1 - A new beginning, a new format, a new me!


Finished Objects

  • Coralline Ladies Socks
pattern by Myriam Forneris.
These socks are knitted out of my own socks pattern.
I made them using a Garnstudio Drops yarn called Flora in Coral colour and I used 2.5mm circular needles.
I worked the socks from toe-up, using magic loop.
I also made them two at time because I am a "second sock syndrome" victim!! By knitting them at the same time I haven't this problem anymore!
This pair is designed with cross stitches and very simple cables.
I knitted them with a tonal colour, but some of my test-knitters used a variegated yarn and the pattern shows on nicely.
  • True Friend
pattern by Veera Valimaki.
I made this sweater using Garnstudio Drops yarn. The grey is Baby Merino and the shades of blue is Delight yarn.
All the sweater construction is incredible clever! I made a sleeves modification because I wanted them much longer and so I did it!
I love the way it turned out!
Very comfy and squishy!
  • Boy Bear
pattern by Julie Williams.
It's a very well written pattern, with many photos tutorial. You can't be wrong with it, if you want to knit a toy!
I used Garnstudio Drops Alaska in Beige colourway. Using a bigger wool than the pattern suggest I obviously used bigger needles.
I loved knit this toy because it is not worked in the round but it is worked flat and sewed, instead.
I'm very proud of it because is the first knitted toy for me!
Certainly not the last one!
I knitted his shorts and sweater with wool I had for long time in my stash.
I really loved this project!


Work in progress

  • The First Light
pattern by Veera Valimaki.
I love this designer!
I casted it on with my single blue handspun yarn.
I purchased the fiber at WoolFinchStudio on Etsy.
For the contrasting colour I'm using Garnstudio Drops Lace in Off White colourway layered double.
For now I love the way it's turning out!
So soft!
  • Christmas Stockings
pattern in writing mode by Myriam Forneris.
For this project, the yarn I use is Lane Cervinia Nevada in Off White and Red for one stocking, and Off White and Black for the other.
I cannot talk so much of this work because it's not published yet, but I knit them toe-up and I did a short rows heel.
I have almost finished both stockings.
It will be included also a alphabet chart for personalisations.
I think they are very cutes!



Finished Objects

  • Baby Blanket Quilt
For make this project I took a Online Craftsy Class of quilting, because it was the first ever project I quilted and I wanted to do a good job! I think I did it!
I used some cotton fabrics I had in my stash, purchased at website.
The front is made by using squares of different prints.
Two squares are cross-stitched by me! A looooong work!!! A little bear and a little Bunny!
They turned out very beautiful!
The borders and the back are made with a beige stars print which I love!
I can use the quilt on the front and on the back, both sides are amazing!
I have to say that I'm very proud of my first quilt!!



- Pins cushion "CUP OF TEA"
This pin cushion will be a pretty addition to your sewing room! What a great gift for yourself or anyone who sews or quilts.
Go to my etsy shop and see it better!

. Myriam Forneris Design on Ravelry

A pair of socks designed with cross stitches and cables in this beautiful and feminine coral colour.
The picture shows the small size.
The socks are worked from toe-up using magic loop. I used the short rows heel, but you can use whatever heel technique you prefer. You can also make them two at time.
With this security blanket your baby will sleep always accompanied. It will become your little one inseparable friends.


Well, it's been a while I wrote in the blog.
The biggest event that is happening in my life it is that I'm 6 month pregnant!
Right now my husband is restructuring her room for her arrive!
I have in mind so many project, both, knitted and sewed, for the little nugget!
So stay tuned on mycraftydream blog!
I changed the blog format because I think that like this it will be much interesting to read and for me is much easier to keep track of my works. I will try to update it maybe every 10 days or so.
I hope you like it with this new look! Let me know what you think!
Please, subscribe the blog, so you will informed of discount on pattern and items I sell!

Monday, 27 March 2017


Hi everyone!!
This is the surprise anticipated in february!!
You can have 30% off on all my project bag listed in my etsy shop mycraftydream using coupon code: SPRING17.
It run until 2017/04/15 so hurry up!!!

Let's go to see the sizes and the prints! So many choises for all of you!!

Remember: coupon code SPRING17.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Many updates in my etsy shop!

Well, in this past year I did a lot of sewing for my shop.

I show you some of the items you can find there.

I sewed a lot of project bags in many different print and measures:



There is also a kit for beginner in my shop:

Is a pouch within:
  • scissors
  • markers
  • needle point holders
  • measure tape
  • stitch holder
  • tapestry needle
  • cable Needles

You can buy my indiedyed yarn in full skeins or minis!


I sell also buttons, stitch markers, progress keeper, patterns and some knitted  or crocheted item!
Go to take a look!!
For the month of March there will be a surprise in my etsy shop and in my ravelry store... so  stay tuned!!!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

A year of silence!! OMG!!

It has been a year since I wrote the last time!!!
I've been so busy but it's not an excuse!
In this past time I managed to learn a bit more of english and I hope you can easely read what I write with less mistakes! (hope)

The shawl in the previous post is finished by now of course!!!
I did many other project in this past year!

Some are my designs which you can find in ravelry:

  • This is my "A Bit Of Lace" infinity scarf which you can find here.


You can also wear it twisted twice around your neck!
  • This is my "A Shawl that is mean to be a Scarf" and you can find it here.


The hot pink and the purple colours are Garnstudio Drops Lima and the speckled colourway are MyCraftyDream Yarn and you can find other colourways here in my etsy shop
  • A Cowl named "Landscape Cowl" and you can find it here.

    I made it using Malabrigo Silky Merino in Arco Iris colourway.
  • In december I designed a pair of socks for my mum's birthday: the "Pumpkin Scrappy Socks" whith you can find here and she loved them so much!!

For make them I used Garnstudio Drops Lima yarn in 3 colourways!
Not properly a sock yarn but my mum wanted a squishy pair of socks so I used it!
These are 4 of my new designs but on my ravelry page you can find more!
Obviously I did other knitting work, many socks for me and Cristopher, 2 sweater for him and 3 for me, mine are design of Veera Valimaki and Joji Locatelli and his are mine unpublished designs.
However I did also some sewing work but it is a story for another day!!!
Stay tuned! I don't leave to spend a year again between a post and the other! I swear!!